Thursday, December 4, 2008

Karim Rashid’s Loft - Inspiration or Bad Taste?

Usually you can’t judge people for their tastes. Same goes for Karim Rashid’s loft that has an unique style. With curvy random shapes, lively colors and some interesting wall designs, the whole space has a revolutionary 90s design. Not sure how productive you’ll be with such an office or if you’ll be able to concentrate on your work (I know I’m experiencing difficulties just by looking) but it looks like a courageous attempt and your guests will certainly appreciate the colors. Like it? Would you buy it if mass produced?

Knitted Slipcover : Hot or Not ?

This Knitted Slipcover is something really unique and creative. When I first saw this picture I was really impressed by the beauty of this knitted slipcover, and by the time involved into this project. This picture is from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits with a Twist: Unique Project for Creative Knitters and is called the Aran armchair cover. Now I don’t know how practical this knitted slipcover could be, but it certainly is beautiful ! What do you think is it … Hot or Not ?

Pictures with Modern Bedrooms Ideas

If you’ve been looking for some modern bedroom ideas look no further, because we’ve got our hands on a bunch of interesting pictures that will surely give you a great idea for your own. If you’re trying to make everything in white and pink check out the one above, but if you’re looking for something more contemporary, check out this blend of white and light brown, with large windows.

Here is another minimalist modern bedroom ideas. With a wall mounted TV, lots of white and a small contrast with the dark furniture, they all combine in a very exquisite way.

Want to put a little red in your bedroom? How about those drawers and cubes that contrast greatly with lots of white? Pretty exciting I must say.

Looking for something classier? How about this one? The different colored wall looks pretty interesting and in contrast with the rest of the walls but extremely well combined with the furniture.

Glass Furniture by Santambrogio Milano : Could this be a new trend ?

Designed by Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano these pieces of furniture made from glass are something quite interesting, that you don’t see everyday. The collection uses the ultra-clear Diamant Glass that is produced by Saint Gobain. At a first glance I’ve thought that this design is totally impractical, but after I’ve saw that the design is made using superdurable tempered glass I’ve changed my mind. Who knows maybe this glass furniture design will replace the old wood furniture designs that are right now in every home, because the materials look very good.

Living Room Spaces : Pictures and Ideas for Your Home

These days when we spend most of our time at work within desks, phone, fax machines and computers, coming home to a warm place it’s great. Even greater is when your living space is exactly what you expected then the feeling is much better. Therefore, if these days you need to look at some living room spaces to get your ideas, we have them for you.

I do agree that the furniture may not suit your home, but that isn’t the only think you should consider. Colors, furnishings, the layout, the walls and other small aspects are just as good to create your own design. From highly modern to classy living room spaces, they all look great. Which is your favorite?

Ecodecor’s Tatami Flight Chair by Chris Gurney

Ecodecor’s Tatami Flight Chair is a piece of furniture that combines traditional Japanese materials, methods and craftsmanship with the Western style of sitting and is designed by Chris Gurney for Ecodecor. Ecodecor is the furniture label by Brandarchitecture whose consistent design theme is ‘healing space for the next generation’. The chair looks awesome but from this picture I don’t think that is to comfortable.