Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Foil Balloon Inspired Fruit Bowl : Hollowware

At first glance, you may be forgiven if you mistook the picture below for a somewhat dented child’s foil balloon. But it is actually an inflatable metallic plastic foil fruit bowl called Hollowware designed by Kim Buck of Denmark. He is actually a goldsmith and he took the term “hollowware” from the term used for metal tableware such as containers. His unique inflatable tableware not only functional but humorous as well!

It was one of 12 Danish designs recently presented as “MindCraft” at the 100% Design London Exhibition by the Danish Crafts Organisation.

Tekura ThermoMasseur Bath from BainUltra

For those of you who are looking for maximum confort and relaxation the Tekura ThermoMasseur Bath from BainUltra is something that you’ll really love. Its thoughtful design ensures inspired care with its MyBodyRest™ accessory kit. The ‘MyBodyRest’ set consists of headrests, armrests and a leg rest to complement the shape of the bathtub and ensure you get the maximum benefit. These components were designed to maximize your comfort and enhance the therapeutic effect of the hydro-thermo massage, whether you’re of small or larger stature.

Minimalist Bathroom Interior Design by Agapedesign

If you wanted an example of a great minimalist bathroom interior design here is something from Agapedesign. The continuity and balance between the areas are key features in this beautiful white design where the sink basin and a drainboard, positively connected with each other into a single functional element. This white, simple and uncluttered design is simply a Zen Design, because achieves balance by mixing the refined and the primitive, the spontaneous and the planned. It strips away the superfluous, creating spaces that are uncluttered and fluid, providing a tranquil space in which to relax and renew yourself.

Family Dinning Table from the Future : Kure

“The dinners are one of the most special times for all families.” - This was the idea from where Turkish designer Fatih Can Sarıöz started this project, that is just an interesting concept for now. Named Kure this family dinning table that appears to be something from future it is designed like a flower that opens up to a full-fledged dinning table. Shaped as a sphere when close, it can occupy any corner of the house. Fitted with a light source in the center, the base too glows with blue light. Pod-like form accommodates six dinning chairs which can also be used otherwise also. An alternative set of furniture that aims to bring the whole family together at meal times, Kure doesn’t really help to save space. The sphere seems to occupy almost equal room when closed or in use.

China’s Huaxi Urban Center (of the Future)

The first thing that I thought of, when looking at these pictures, was what sheik in Dubai owns this stunning building. But reading further I realized that - surprisingly - it’s going to emerge in China. Dubbed the Huaxi Urban Center, the exterior of the building was ingeniously designed to hide its massive network of support beams, duct work, wiring, and HIVAC systems. It uses flexible cellular based materials, exoskeletal lattices, and carbon fiber composites which are all highly advanced and needed to put up something like that.

I simply love the way they play with lights (red, yellow, light blue and light green) but still, I can’t say that building is gorgeous. That’s because it’s astonishing and mind-blowing.

Rotating UFO-Homes: Solaleya Domes

If you guys are into science fiction here’s something for you. Apparently a company called Solaleya is buidling rotating UFO-homes. Even though I would have expected them to fly do a looping or some other aerobatic maneuvers, I’m good with knowing that it’s a highly sustainable and eco-friendly house. It has a small mechanical structure in the base that gently rotates it to make sure those solar panels on the roof are getting the most sun energy.

Back to bing serious, the Solaleya Domes are made of FSC-certified wood, are insulated with cork and have a structure that will withstand category 5 hurricanes and earthquakes up to magnitude 8 on the MSK scale (in case you wondered). Wouldn’t it be cool to lift off when a hurricane is being announced?

The Rolf Benz VERO Comfort Sofa

The only things I need to buy in my apartment are the draperies and a new sofa. You can’t imagine how time consuming that is (unless you had to do it, too) with all those models up there, if you’re a picky customer like me. But things may change today, because I’ve just seen the Rolf Benz VERO sofas and at least a couple of them would blend in perfectly with my living-room.

From what I see these guys have the experience to build long-lasting modern sofas that offer a highly comfortable seating experience and first-class quality. Secondly most important for a sofa, after the design, is how practical it is. Well the new Rolf Benz VERO was designed for everyday use, and that says it all.

It’s an 116cm wide and 170cm long sofa, with a luxurious touch and if the leather is not for me, the textile Rolf Benz VERO sofa is exactly what I need at the moment. Just need to see if these guys ship overseas.