Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victorian Terrace House Extension by Ailtireacht Architects

The extension for this Victorian Terrace House in Rathgar, has been commissioned by Dublin-based Ailtireacht Architects to create an additional multifunctional livingspace, that would meet the growing needs of a growing family. And they managed in the most stylish way. Made from light-grey zinc foil wraps and featuring some colourfully glazed projections, the generously proportioned house adds a tinge of contemporary functionality to a two-storey building house. With an additional bathroom, bedroom and work space, Matilde House has now become a cozy place to live. It looks like the place we’d move in, to blend both looks and the beautiful three-dimensional realm.

Tetris Furniture by Diego Silverio and Helder Filipov

Tetris is one of the most classic and phenomenal games ever created. Even over two decades later, the interest and hype still continues. Tetris is so popular, that two artists, Diego Silverio and Helder Filipov, have created epic and modern pieces of furniture which are modeled after the famed tetriminoes. Designed to be multi-functional (as desks, shelves, drawers or tables), these pieces offer functional storage, colorful design, and superiorly built frames. Surprisingly, each piece is designed to be able to stand alone or fit with the other tetris “pieces”.

House Prices Decline, Again

House prices across the world are declining by massive percentages, and less than a year ago prices were set to 15% more than they currently are. That’s a drastic drop when you consider everyone who has been affected. And even when prices rise (like the rise seen in March), they quickly drop by the same amount, if not more. What does this mean for the housing market? It’s getting worse, slowly but surely, and projected losses are expected to go down at least another percent within the next few months. However there’s one good side of the story. The state of the economy “seems” beneficial for those interested in purchasing a new home and have the money to do so. So what do you think? Are you going to buy a property anytime soon?

Luxurious Chestnut House in Newport Beach

A sustainable and eco-friendly home that was both cost-efficient and easy to build, the exclusive “Chestnut House” was designed with an ambient feel in mind. The location at Newport Beach adds a tinge of luxury and gives the home more than enough power for harvesting the sun’s power via solar panels attached to the Energy Star Cool roof. It is a modern family home equipped with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, with bare walls that have not been painted (for better preservation and to avoid toxic emissions), recycled glass floors, and renewable resources that make it perfect for the green minded.

Nic Bochsler designs Brighton House in Melbourne

Nic Bochsler is the guy behind this amazing home in Melbourne, Australia. Dubbed the Brighton House, it features 4 gorgeous bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, with stunning views of the Melbourne bay and actually the entire city. A contemporary and minimalist design that allows for a feeling of open space, relaxation, and comfort, the luxurious residence is much more pleasant than you would expect because it is crafted to maximize the spacial feel it emanates. With alabaster white walls offer a bright atmosphere, high ceilings and large glass windows that offer natural light and a breathtaking view of the entire yard, that’s a house we’d move in today. And did we mention the beautiful tennis court in the back and the stylish pool? What do you think?