Monday, July 7, 2008

Chakrasana - The Wheel Pose

"Chakra" means "wheel" in Sanskrit.

1. Stand erect. Place the feet slightly apart.
2. Keep the hands on the sides of the respective thighs with fingers close together and touching them.
3. Look straight ahead.
4. Inhaling, tense and raise the right arm slowly and laterally and bring it above the head, the inside of the upper arm touching the right ear.
5. While raising the arm, keep the palm inwards up to the shoulder level and then turn it upwards till it is brought straight above the head.
6. Exhaling, raise the right shoulder and bend the trunk and head together along with the raised right arm sideways to the left till the right arm is parallel to the floor.
7. While bending thus, slide the left palm down your left thigh until it reaches the left knee; knees should be kept straight, and the right arm must follow the ear without bending the elbow.
8. Hold this position comfortably as long as you can hold out your breath.
9. Inhaling, bring back the trunk, head and the right arm together till the right hand comes straight above the head.
10. Exhaling and keeping the head erect, lower the right arm again to the side, turning the palm inward at the shoulder level.
11. Repeat the exercise on the right side also.


* Chakrasana gives a good lateral bend to the spine and improves its elasticity.
* It increases the flexibility of the hip-joints which get very little lateral exercise in daily life.
* With regular practice of this asana, the body becomes resilient and supple, the waist slim and the chest broad.
* It is useful in removing the rigidity of the joints of the ribcage and thus increases the capacity of the lungs.

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