Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gomukhasana - The Cow-Face Pose

"Go" means "cow" and "Mukha" means "face" in Sanskrit. When this asana is performed, the final position of the legs resembles the face of a cow.

1. Sit erect in Sukhasana.
2. Stretch out the legs straight in front of you.
3. Fold back the left leg a little. Raising the right knee, draw in the left foot beneath the right thigh and set the heel on the side of the right buttock, just touching
4. it.
5. The toes and the lower edge of the left foot must lie flat on the floor with the sole turned upwards and the toes pointing away from the body.
7. Keep the thigh of the folded left leg straight in front of you.
8. Drawing in the right foot and crossing it over the left thigh, set the heel on the side of the left buttock, just touching it.
9. Bring the knees exactly one above the other and both of them should be directly in front of you.
10. Sit erect.
11. Twist the left arm from the elbow and bring the forearm upwards behind the back, moving up the back of the hand along the spine. Push the forearm up as far as it will go.
12. Raise the right arm straight up, the upper arm touching the ear.
13. Folding it back at the elbow, slide down the forearm behind the back over the right shoulder, palm and fingers facing inward, till the right hand meets the left hand.
14. Lock the forefingers of both hands together.
15. Keep the head, neck and spine erect.
16. Look straight ahead.
17. Return to the starting position in the reverse order.
18. Repeat the entire procedure by reversing the positions of the legs and arms.


* The practice of Gomukhasana strengthens the muscles of the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, chest, hips and thighs.

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