Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mandukasana - The Frog Pose

"Manduk" means "frog" in Sanskrit. The arrangement of the legs in this posture resembles the hind legs of a frog. Hence the name.

1. Assume the Vajrasana posture with the posterior planted firmly on the floor between the upturned feet.
2. The inner edges of the feet should encircle the posterior.
3. Spread the knees as wide apart as possible and rest them on the floor.
4. The feet should point towards each other with the soles facing upwards.
5. Heels must point towards each other and the edges of the feet must touch the floor.
6. The feet should be at right angles to the legs and the toes pointing outward.
7. The big toes should touch each other behind the posterior.
8. You will now be squatting between your heels.
9. Rest the hands, palms down, on the respective knees.
10. Straighten the spine and look straight ahead.
11. Sit erect in this position for about ten seconds without strain.


* People suffering from peptic or duodenal ulcer, severe back pain and cardiac problem, and patients who have undergone abdominal surgery should avoid this exercise.


* Mandukasana improves functions of all organs.
* It benefits people suffering from constipation, diabetes and digestive disorders.
* It improves the lungpower, circulation in the walls of the chest and abdomen and tone of the abdominal and shoulder muscles.
* It also improves sciatica in some people.
* The asana acts especially in the joints of the knees and ankles improving coordination and fluidity of movement.

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