Thursday, July 10, 2008

Januhastasana - Hand to Knee Pose

"Janu" means "knee" and "hasta" means "hand" in Sanskrit. The hand is made to rest near the knee in this posture, hence the name.


1. First take the sitting position where you sit with both legs together and stretched, toes erect, spine erect and both hands straight and palms resting on the floor.
2. Then, like in Vajrasana, place both the palms on the ground ahead of knees touching each other, push neck backwards and chest forward with waist pushed downwards, in this posture relax all the muscles.
3. Continue normal breathing.


* It promotes proper blood circulation around the waistline and downwards.


* People having stiff joints and have difficulty in movement should perform with utmost care.
* They should perform it when their joints are free and relaxed.

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