Sunday, July 13, 2008

Parvatasana - The Mountain Pose

"Parvata" means "mountain" in Sanskrit. As the arms are raised high and the fingers are joined together above the head in this posture, the body resembles mountain peak and hence the name.


1. Sit erect in Padmasana
2. Form a firm finger lock.
3. Inhaling, stretch the arms with the finger-lock vertically above the head without raising the seat and knees.
4. Turn the palms up exactly above the centre of the head.
5. Exhale.
6. Inhaling again, stretch your arms upwards from the shoulder blades and stretch the trunk to the maximum without moving from your seat.
7. Maintain this posture, holding your breath.
8. Exhaling, resume the starting position.

Variation: Instead of forming a finger lock, both palms may be joined together with the fingers well stretched out above the head.


* Parvatasana pulls up all the abdominal, pelvic and side muscles, stretches the spine and ribs, loosens the hips, stretches and exercises the usually inactive waist zone and helps to reduce a fat, flabby and protruding abdomen. As a result, the body becomes slim and its balancing power increases.
* The chest expands to its full extent and the lung's capacity improves by the regular practice of this asana.
* It also aids correct breathing.
* The asana strengthens the muscles of the back of the diaphragm.

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