Sunday, July 13, 2008

Uttanapadasana - The Raised-leg Pose

In this asana both the legs are raised upwards and so is called 'dwipada' (both legs) uttanpadasana.

1. Lie down on the back with legs together, straight extended, the toes erect and hands straight and palms resting on the floor to acquire the supine pose.
2. Exhale and inhaling start raising both the legs upward and stop when they make angle of 90 degree with the floor.
3. Keep the sight at the toes of the feet.
4. Continue normal breathing and try to maintain the posture steady.
5. While raising the legs, keep both legs straight and close together.
6. Keep the toes together and stretched pointing upwards.
7. In the beginning, try to maintain this for 5 to 10 seconds.
8. While releasing, inhale and exhaling, bring both the legs down, back on to the floor.

Variation: "Ekapada uttanapadasana" is a variation. In this all the steps are similar except that its done with one leg raised at a time.


* All kind of jerks and movements of legs should be avoided.
* There is high chance of straining muscles, so all movements should be controlled while performing this pose.
* Take care that the full length of your back is resting on the floor and your shoulders and neck are relaxed.


* It promotes in stretching the thigh and stomach muscles.
* It also promoted the efficiency of stomach organs like the small intestine, enzymes producing glands and various others.
* The vertical position of legs helps in proper blood circulation through the legs.
* It strengthens the abdominal and lower back muscles.
* It trims the waist and thighs.

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