Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sasankasana - The Hare Pose

"Sasanka" means "hare" in Sanskrit. The final position of this asana resembles a bounding hare.

1. Sit in Vajrasana.
2. The posterior should rest between the inner edges of the heels.
3. Keep thighs and knees together and soles upturned.
4. Inhaling, raise the arms over the head and keep them stiff and straight.
5. Palms should be turned outwards.
6. Keeping the inside of the upper arms touching the ears and holding your breath, lean backward as far as possible.
7. Exhaling and keeping the inside of the upper arms touching the ears, bend your pelvis and the whole trunk slowly forward from your posterior bones without raising your seat from the floor. While doing so, bring your head and arms down till the palms rest on the floor.
8. Slide the hands forward along the floor to the maximum extent and rest your forehead on the floor in front of your knees.
9. Keep the palms together and thighs pressing the abdomen.
10. Hold out your breath and maintain this position for about five seconds or as long as comfortable.
11. Inhaling, return slowly to the starting position in the reverse order, keeping the inside of the upper arms touching the ears and without raising your seat.


* Sasankasana stretches the shoulder girdle and the sacral region of the spine.
* The arms, shoulders and the upper back are well stretched.
* Stooping shoulders are set right.
* This posture offers good traction to the spine, relieving spinal problems.
* It also gives relief in cases of slipped disc.
* It brings a copious flow of blood to the brain and face.
* It strengthens the knees, ankles and insteps.
* Leaning backward tones the abdominal muscles and organs and improves digestive power.

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