Sunday, July 13, 2008

Supta Vajrasana - The Reclining Vajrasana Pose

"Supta" means "asleep" in Sanskrit. "Supta Vajrasana" is lying down supine in Vajrasana.


1. Sit in Vajrasana.
2. Lean back slowly from the waist with the support of your elbows till your head, shoulders and back touch the ground in easy stages without raising your knees from the floor or changing the position of the legs.
3. Allow your back to come close to the ground and lie supine.
4. Cross the arms and place the palms beneath the opposite shoulders so that the crossed wrists serve as a cushion for the head.
5. Keep the knees together and touching the ground.
6. Close your eyes.
7. Catch hold of the ankles and return slowly to the starting position in the reverse order with the help of the elbows.


All the benefits of Vajrasana accrue from this asana also.

* The importance of Supta Vajrasana lies in the fact that it exerts pressure on the utero-abdominal and genitourinary organs. This gives a better muscular tone and brings in a fresh supply of blood to the abdominal viscera, particularly to the kidneys, liver, pancreas and bowels.
* It stimulates the adrenal glands through pressure in the small of the back.
* In the final position, the muscles of the spine, abdomen, pelvis, thighs and legs are stretched fully which tones them up.
* It improves circulation of blood in the thighs, backside, knees and neck.
* It has a beneficial effect on the pelvic organs and the gonads.
* The asana expands the chest and increases the mobility of the thorax.

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