Thursday, July 17, 2008

Veerasana - The Warrior Pose

"Veera" in Sanskrit means "brave". The way a brave man takes his position while attacking his enemy, the similar position is formed in this asana. Hence it is called as "Veerasana", the pose of a Warrior.

1. Stand straight in the resting before you start with the pose.
2. Put your left foot forward and stretch it on the floor to the maximum from the initial place.
3. Bring both the hands together, join the palms and place them on the knees of the left leg.
4. Bend the left leg at the knee in such a way that the thigh and the calf come in 90 degrees.
5. Keep the right leg straight.
6. Raise the joined hands up and take them back above the head and then without bending the hands in the elbows, bend the head backward and keep the sight backward down.
7. The front leg should be bent in 90 degrees angle and the back leg should be straight.
8. Keep the toes frontward.
9. The back leg, the back, the neck and both the hands form a very good arch in this position and this forming of arch is desirable, too.
10. The body should be weighed backward and keeping the arms near the ears, the neck should also be bent downwards.
11. Start bringing the body forward and place the hands on the knee. Look in the front.
12. Straighten the knee and restore the hands to their original place.
13. Restore the left leg to its place and take up standing position.
14. Repeat the same with the right leg.


* This posture strengthens the legs, arms, shoulders, back and stamina.
* It opens the hips and chest and maintains a balance.
* The lower back gets enough relaxation as the legs are spread to take the weight of the body.
* It makes the legs stronger.
* The elasticity of the spinal cord functions better.
* It also improves coordination among different parts of the body.
* It helps to develop concentration.

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