Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vajrasana - The Adamant Pose

"Vajra" means "adamant" in Sanskrit. Sitting in this asana will provide firmness or stability to the sitter like that of an adamant person. Hence the name.

1. Sit erect in Sukhasana.
2. Stretch out the legs in front of you.
3. Fold the legs back one by one along the respective thighs.
4. Drawing in the feet one by one, place them by the sides of the posterior with soles upturned.
5. The posterior should be planted firmly on the floor between the upturned heels. Toes should point to each other behind the posterior.
6. Bring the knees close to each other.
7. Rest the palms on the respective knees.
8. Sit erect and look straight ahead.

Variation: Instead of keeping the upturned feet on the sides of the posterior, place the heels beneath the posterior so that you sit back in between the heels with the big toes crossing each other. The posterior rests between the inner edges of the upturned heels and does not touch the ground. The rest of the practice is the same.


* Vajrasana loosens the stiff joints and ligaments of the legs and strengthens the hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, insteps and toes.
* It firms up and strengthens the muscles of the vertebral column.
* It also strengthens the pelvic region.
* It holds the abdominal organs in their correct position.
* It reduces excess fat in the thighs.
* The spine will be kept erect in this posture.

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