Thursday, June 26, 2008

Facts of Yoga

Yoga is an integrated way of balancing spirit, mind and body. Yoga basically is away of life. Yoga is initially originated in India.

It in implementation from thousands of years and even now it is under practice regardless of religion.

From ancient times, yoga has been used as an adjunct for the treatment of various diseases.

Yoga offers effective physical rehabilitation that gives immense relief from painful conditions.

Some examples are stiffness of back, neck and feet, Arthritis, better blood circulation, increasing lung capacity, constipation, improving immune system, respiratory system, relieving insomnia, etc.

Yoga directly put emphasis on muscles and body senses and addresses each and every system of mind and body.

The person performing the yoga regularly begins to sense the soul and the reality of the existence.
In the last several years, yoga has become an incredibly popular form of meditation and exercise. People have starting taking normal means of relaxing the body. But yoga is something more than just meditation and exercise.

On one side yoga can be seen as a spiritual practice by doing mediation while on the other side, it is seen as physical exercise, which is done to maintain the health and shape of the body. A difference of yoga is Hatha yoga, this is the term given to describe the exercises.
It is believed that over sixteen million citizens of North America perform this form of yoga. Hatha yoga is a form in which more importance is given to the physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation.

Hatha yoga is extremely beneficial for people with heart, back and breathing problems.

Studies have shown that yoga has actually helped many young and aged people in coming out of different physical and mental problem. Yoga has helped the people having heart problems in many ways. Yoga assists in reducing the blood pressure and steadily improves the resistance over psychological stress. Yoga provides gentle assistance to the people suffering from back problems and improves the physical suppleness, strength and endurance.

“Yogi” is a phrase given to the male performing yoga and “yogini” is the phrase given to the female who is performing the yoga. The meaning of word Yoga is to yoke, “to unite” or “to join”. It derives the method of discipline. It is believed that yoga is made up of eight limbs. These eight limbs are pranayama (breathing), asana (postures), dhyani (meditation), dharana (concentration), pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), niyamas (observances), yamas (restraints) and Samadhi (absorption). Out of all these eight limbs, Samadhi is the ultimate goal of traditional yoga. Samadhi is referred as a pose of inward enlightenment.

Yoga is useful, it doesn’t matter how little or how much more one give it space in the regular routine. Just one hour devotion is more than enough for soothing the senses and keeping the entire health under control.

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